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eCommerce Website

Demonstrative or shopping cart eCommerce websites, we establish customized business websites for you.


We optimize your website with SEO, modern responsive design (that fits all kinds of devices) techniques, data analysis to satisfy all your and your customers' needs.


We also train your staff to modify product info and manage order lists on their owns.

eCommerce Platform Management

Do you know? In all marketplaces in the US, 2017, Amazon occupied 43.5%, 是 eBay 的 6.4 倍!



- Amazon 商城建置(可 FBA )

- Amazon 訂單管理

- Amazon 數據分析

- Amazon 平台諮詢、訓練


我們也提供其他平台的服務,如 eBay, 亚米网......等等


We offer to consult about digital professions, such as

  • digital marketing

  • WMS

  • ERP

.....and more




Can't find items in your warehouse? Data entry errors on your invoices? Have other workflow issues that drain your manpower and affect your efficiency?


Already have a warehouse management system (WMS)? Lavendor will integrate with any system you have and optimize your logistical needs for efficiency and cost savings.


  • Product mapping and warehouse search

  • Worker overview and task assignment for picking products

  • Online ordering portal and automatic invoice generation

  • Solutions on any platform: desktop, tablet, mobile, web

  • Any other customized functions and applications for your needs are also possible

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我們也可以實地參訪您在南加州地區的倉庫,討論倉庫運作流程,從找貨、進出貨、買單、賣單,有哪些可進步之處,為您設計出一套最適合您的 WMS 系統,將倉庫的效率提升至最高,成本降至最低


- Global Best Produce Inc.
Los Angeles, California


​我們提供免費諮詢的服務,請聯絡 (703) 286-9162, 或在下方填寫資料,我們會盡快與您聯絡,討論增強您的事業的可能性!謝謝!

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